meet the


Allison shiffman

Allison Shiffman is a master hairstylist with 8 years of experience and a range of styling capabilities. Curls, braids, updos— you name it, she can execute it flawlessly.

Allison is also a licensed Cosmetologist and master colorist with certifications in multiple hair techniques, such as HotHeads Extensions, Hollywood waves and Brazillian Blowouts. She loves educating and answering any questions clients have about their hair— all of this making her the perfect person to consult with at your trial regarding the health of your hair and whether to incorporate extensions.


Aphrodite kelly

Aphrodite Kelly has been a makeup artist and hairstylist since 2008. She is trained both in Cosmetology and in film and photo-ready makeup. Her experience ranges from having worked for top cosmetic companies such as Mac and NARS, to working for the TLC network. Now, she focuses on providing impeccable bridal hair and makeup services, and is equally skilled in both areas.

Want to elevate and personalize your bridal hairstyle? Aphro also hand-makes bridal hair accessories that add a unique flare to any bridal look!



Jessica Alvaro has been doing makeup and hair for special events for 7 years. She has a background in competitive dance which had her in false lashes from the time she was six! Her area of strength is creating dramatic looks that last through the night, while being mindful of clients’ unique skin needs and comfort levels with makeup.

Jessie also has extensive experience creating various hair dos — voluminous curls, updos, braids — and has 6+ years of wig experience from washing, setting to cutting and restyling.


inge buium

Inge Buium is a master stylist specializing in bridal, wig and hair extension styling. Not only does she have over 40 years of experience, but she was educated in Europe as a cosmetologist. This means she completed a 3 year apprenticeship and bachelors degree in hairstyling.

When asked for her secret to staying young and vibrant, Inge responds, “Don’t let the number scare you, and never cut your hair short!”


Vanessa villa

Vanessa Villa is a makeup artist and hairstylist who specializes in airbrush bridal makeup. She has been in the industry for 7 years and continues to receive education to hone her skills, including the completion of her Esthetics training.

With the various options available for airbrush makeup, it takes an expert to determine your airbrush needs. For anyone with concerns ranging from rosascea to troubles with makeup wearing off, airbrush is a potential solution and Vanessa is your go-to airbrush artist!


breanne matonti

Breanne Matonti has been in the beauty industry since 2004 and is passionate about expanding her skills and service offerings as trends and technology evolve. She is our official spray tanner and first became interested in spray tanning as an alternative to tanning beds and harmful sun exposure. She is a certified Airbrush Technician through Aviva Labs, an organic and hypoallergenic line of spray tan based out of Boston.

In addition to her Airbrush Tanning certification, Breanne’s training is extensive— she has been licensed in both Cosmetology and Esthetics, and has completed multiple Mac Pro trainings with an emphasis on bridal make-up, proms and special events. You’ll always experience the most up-to-date techniques when you book with Breanne!


stephenie torres

Steph Torres is your go-to artist for a glamorous bridal makeup look. She has winged liner down to a science and is a false lashes expert!

With her 16 years of experience, training in Cosmetology, and makeup certification with NARS Cosmetics, you’re sure to receive a highly professional service when you book Steph. Her years managing a NARS Boutique have prepared her for applying makeup for any client’s skin tone, skin type, and makeup preferences.



Christina Lempesis arrived on the NYC makeup scene in 2003. Christina specializes in Bridal makeup and has worked behind the scenes for fashion shows, television productions and special events. She has inspired so many women to enhance their beauty with a simple touch of cosmetics!

Christina also specializes in Custom Blend Makeup— that’s right, she can create your very own custom product, using a combination of high quality pigments and serums to match your skin’s unique skin tone and skin care needs! Perfect for a gift for your bridal party members, whether you’d like to treat them custom foundations or a custom lip color for the day of.